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Recently I realised that there is something called ‘fashion compassion'. For me it came in the form of fashion greatest dilemma, what to wear? You see, when you struggle with the ‘what to wear dilemma' are you really asking those around you for fashion compassion?

So what are the 3 instances that you might need or offer ‘fashion compassion'?

1. Traveling with Colleagues or Friends
Here is where fashion compassion really comes into action. Take this example, you are away for 21 days and you have to be fashionable. You visit countries where the exchange rate makes a cup of tea $20 and such is your dilemma that you have acquired a taste for hot water and lemon. Shopping, because you love designer labels, has become totally prohibitive. Yes, you need fashion compassion. Resolve before you go to share your fashion. Try at all times to travel with someone of similar or the same taste and size and combine your wardrobes particularly when you have tired of wearing your 30kg allocation. I recently had such an experience of fashion compassion that my traveling companion gave me compassion in the form of her new overpriced London designer purchase, and she had not even worn it. Now, that's fashion compassion.

2. Styling a friend
Serious ‘fashion compassion' is required when you style a friend. Fashion compassion when styling can come in the form of shopping style advice or wardrobe style advice. Here honesty is the best policy. So if you need fashion compassion from a friend, choose your friends wisely! When styling, be constructive and observe the physical mood signs of those you are trying to show some fashion compassion too. If they don't love it, don't push it, you don't want to be responsible for ‘fashion cohesion' which can destroy a friendship.

3. Feeling unfashionable even in designer clothes and shoes
We all have these days. The days when you know your fashion selection is fashionable but you just don't feel fabulous. Feeling fabulous is essential and even when you ask your friends ‘do I look fashionable today' and they reply ‘yes', if you just don't feel it, you just don't feel it. This is when you need fashion compassion. If you feel unfashionable, mull thru the day as best you can and at all costs avoid shopping. Feeling unfashionable can often be the recipe for a credit card blowout.

For all concerned fashion compassion is something you will have to give and receive many times in your life. Make sure you give as you would like to receive and go within to ensure you are providing the greatest level of ‘fashion compassion' you can, what goes around, comes around.

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