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Damien Dario

At this time of the year I always see a huge influx of girls come in asking to become brunette, so here are a few things that I like to talk with my clients about before they take the plunge.
Going darker is always a seasonal trend, but why is that so?
As we start to lose our summer glow, we often want to do something to brighten ourselves up. By adding a little depth and different tones to hair that is already light, or adding richness to darker colours is a great way to warmup skin tones. Similarly, as we approach the end of winter, it's a good idea to start softening darker colours by adding some lightness and variations in the tone of hair, and blondes should start lightening and brightening their colour. Also remember that gold isn't a dirty word and when used correctly, can make a colour shine.
Is going darker going to give my hair more shine, and if so why can't I get that with my lighter colour?
In short yes, going darker will make your hair appear shinier than when it was lighter,but healthy, well looked after hair is still the key to shine! As soon as colour starts to fade it can lose its lustre. To help maintain your shine use a shampoo and conditioner designed for coloured hair. You can still achieve shine on lighter hair by adding tone to your colour, as well as using good products and treatments.
How do I know which brown will suit me?
The best thing you can do is to come into the salon for a complimentary consultation to talk about changing your colour. We can go through a few scenarios and talk about things you've seen and liked and what will work with your colouring. The wrong depth or tone can make you feel more blue about winter.Any colour change you do is likely to feel strange at first, like you're wearing someone else's hair, so give yourself a few days to adjust.
What happens if you don't like it, how easy is it to go back?
How light your hair is prior to colouring, and the condition your hair was in before you go darker will determine how well you will be able to lift the new colour out of your hair. Realistically, if you colour very light hair then change your mind, it won't be possible to immediately go back to your original colour that after going dark. It's not impossible, but it will have to be a gradual process over 3-4 visits to get it light again. For medium colours its a easier process, and can be done with more immediate result.
The best thing you can do for yourself before you take the plunge is come into the salon for some professional advice and a chat about your options. This will give you some good assurance as to what will work for you and will ensure you love your new winter hair!

Call Damien at Dario Cotroneo for more information 02 9380 2246

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