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 tips for getting a job in fashion

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The employment climate is really competitive at present and you need a strong strategy to get the job you deserve.  We have seen hard economic times and a more competitive job market before and the cycle of this in an economy will continue now and forever.  So let’s look at strategies to position you in to get a job in fashion during times when you have to shine brighter than you have ever shone before!

Top 10 Tips for Getting a Job in Fashion!
1.      The application!
Keep it simple and clean! Don’t make the cliché mistake in your fashion applications.  Using phrases like “I have a passion for fashion”, “Fashion is my dream” and “I was born to be in fashion” are absolute killers and are a no no in your applicant.  You need to be cool and not desperate and you would die if you knew how many times people use these lines in their applications!  TIP: Join the Fashionista Network and you will receive  the Job Hunting Guide

2.      Research!
When you have an interview you need to blow them away with how much you know about their brand! Research is easy!  Go online and visit their website, Google them to learn about PR and media write-ups and visit a store to learn about their price points, product, target market, quality and more.  It is impressive in an interview when you can ask a question like, “I have noticed you import your fabric from Italy, are they exclusive to your brand?” This alone could score you the job!  Be savvy and let them know you know about them!

3.      No show is a no no!
You just don’t know how close knit the fashion community is!  When you have accepted an interview it is a no no to no show!  If you do it could have dire consequences for you later on in your career!  Always call if you have a change of heart or can’t make it,  but at all times respect the employer and ensure you make a appearance even if you are unsure!  You just never know!

4.      At interview focus on the job not where you want to eventually be
I have seen so many people go an interview and ask for another job!  This can be a disaster! It is my best advice that if you get in with the right company you will go places! I am an exact product of this experience and in fashion loyalty pays! (you will be noticed for promotion I guarantee it!)  So don’t make the mistake of going for a retail sales role and asking for a job as a designer!  You will almost certainly loose the opportunity!  

5.      Intellectual Property!
It is a no no to take any intellectual property to an interview or even a new employer!  Try to give examples of your work for old catalogues and never take a costing sheet, budget or any financial reports for that matter.  Taking the new range is a no no and will be frowned upon by the prospective employer...  they will be left thinking, if I employ this person, they may one day take my range and show a competitor!  Basically it is a bad reflection on your personality!

6.      No disparaging remarks about your old company
Again!  Fashion is a close knit community!  Be very diplomatic and cautious about saying disparaging things about your previous employer/s!  You just never know the relationships and how this could impact your chances!  My best advice to you, even if bated, is to be the ultimate fence sitter!

7.      Look fashion stylish!
You need to always dress up for a fashion interview no matter what the job!  Look fashionable and dress one notch above the look of the brand.  For example,  you are going for an interview at Glue – wear jeans but dress them up with a stylish jacket and maybe some fashion heels – boys that’s stylish shoes for you!  Even though they sell Havaianas and board shorts no matter what the job – don’t dress too casually!  If you own product by the brand wear it!  

8.      Honesty
On all accounts honesty is essential!  From your working hours commitment to any previously booked holidays to any religious beliefs that you may have that would cause you to not be able to meet your hours or responsibilities!  Once you are employed it is too late to tell your new employer about a requirement that you have and you also risk them withdrawing the offer from you!

9.      Ask questions and never say you have nothing to ask!
Employers want you to ask them questions as this reflects your interest and intelligence!  Ask them questions about the company’s growth plan strategies, their philosophies regarding their employees and staff retention, their performance appraisal policies and more!

10.  Ask for the job!
Yes, it’s simple but you would be so surprised at how many people do not ask for the job! So when you have had a great interview and you love the job on offer, be bold and ask for it!  Say something like... “If I was offered this opportunity I would take it!” or “This job is so exciting and exactly what I am looking for, I would love it!” Or “I feel so confident that I have the right skills for this job, I would love to join your company.”  

Just be confident, you have nothing to lose and an employer wants to employ passionate and confident people!  GOOD LUCK!


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